Big Data And The Process Advantage

The collection and processing of data is very topical, yet I attend so many conference presentations where the business benefit of data gathering is unclear. Data feed analytics can be used to discover patterns through machine learning and AI. It’s easy to see that more data is a ‘good thing’, but it's difficult to align hard investment in your industry’s data standards with potential financial awards, so the business case is weak.

So, how you can you strengthen the case?

Focus on Process

If you want to get buy in from the board for investments in data infrastructure, focus on process!

Your processes make you unique in your market. It’s all about how YOU work, how YOU deliver, how YOU manage YOUR resources and ultimately, how YOU offer a better customer experience than your competitors.

How I see it, there are several upsides to digitizing your internal business processes:

  • Every process achieves a business goal that has a defined value - you can measure the benefit.
  • Digitizing processes allows you to accurately reduce the costs of achieving your goals - you can measure the cost saving.
  • Involving your customers and suppliers directly in your processes improves customer experience.
  • Building a business case for process automation is easy!

Additionally, integrating data into your processes, utilizing data standards for information exchange within your industry, makes your processes run more efficiently. Data enables the real improvements demonstrated through process digitization.

The Challenge – How To Enable Change?

As an organisation you may ask why do we not already do this?

Process digitization was always an expensive exercise. The systems were expensive, but the bigger issue was that the specialist resources required to configure the systems were expensive and scarce.

FlowForma provides an alternative approach. Have your business process owners configure the solutions themselves, saving time and money with the added advantage that you have higher adoption rates when the system is delivered from within the business.

The trick is to make the delivery of digitized processes viral within your organisation. For insight on how this was achieved within some of our leading customers, head over to my blog and podcast Creating A Culture of Innovation Within Your Organization where I discuss the techniques for realizing positive change the FlowForma way!

Why not take the first steps and take a free 30 day trial of the FlowForma Process Automation tool, or schedule a demo with one of our digital transformation experts to kick-start your digital journey today!

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