Empowering Process Owner Independence

A very happy 4th of July to all!

Or Independence Day if you prefer.

I must confess that I myself am not from the U.S of A. Though what I will say is that I feel as if I could easily join in with the traditions and celebrations, that take place on this national holiday.

The idea of stoking up a barbecue with some burgers and beers among friends and family, is a tradition that I could very much get on board with! Add to this the colorful carnivals, festivities and sporting occasions that take place on this day, only convinces me further.

The formation of the United States saw Thomas Jefferson sign the Declaration of Independence which brought independent rule from Great Britain. Much like the struggle for independence in America, we regularly see clients who have yet to embrace digital transformation who are still struggling to digitize their paper-based processes. The results of which often surpass initial expectations.

On this Independence Day however, I’m going to share with you FlowForma’s part in a very different sort of independence story.

Process Owner Independence

With FlowForma Process Automation we give business users exactly what they crave – the power to build and streamline their own business processes. Using simple business logic, we empower those with the knowledge of the businesses’ needs to seamlessly build out their processes in an easy to use environment, without any coding required.

By providing business users with the independence to build and streamline their own processes, the need for expensive developers is now a thing of the past. Add to this that the previously heavy reliance on IT professionals is also greatly reduced. IT now act more as a guardrail for process owners – they’re available if you need them.

To help you get up and running quickly, you can avail of one of FlowForma’s onboarding SureStart programs, where we can work alongside you to help accelerate your time to value and get your first project/projects live in a very short time-frame.

Make Your Processes Great Again

For organizations who have embraced process digitization the results are greatly rewarding. One person who has seen a revolution throughout his organization, using the FlowForma Process Automation tool is our patriotic customer Dustin Ray, Business Process Analyst, McKinley Irvin. “Anyone who works in an office can attest that an email inbox is not where you want your critical requests to lay. Having a one-stop shop that we can go to for a heads-up on a process, where we can see instantly if any action needs to be taken, has been indispensable,” he said.

The key benefits organizations such as McKinley Irvin regularly see are:

  • Costs greatly reduced on IT professionals
  • A significant increase in transparency and efficiency
  • No code means little training required
  • Up to five times faster than traditional BPM methods

Are you interested in empowering process owner independence? Book a demo with one of our product experts to see our product in motion, or why not take a free 30-day trial and discover how you can revolutionize your business processes.

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