Streamline Your FlowForma BPM Onboarding Process

When you decide to work with FlowForma, you quickly realize that it isn’t just a matter of what’s inside the box. It’s how you unpack and use the contents that really gets you the results.

Rather than letting you figure that out on your own, possibly with a bit of trial and error, we introduced our SureStart program a while back to streamline the onboarding process.

In our experience, the key to successful onboarding is to provide immediate, real-life value to our clients. We can get too caught up in the detail of the complex processes, but by taking a step back and starting off with the configuration of one simple process, we can deliver quick results in just a matter of days, without overwhelming our clients.

By starting out with the implementation of simple processes like leave requests, travel requests, etc, you typically ensure a high number of users will get to use the processes quickly. FlowForma becomes part of everyday life – not something only a select few have heard about.

We’ve taken a relatively flexible approach to onboarding new clients, by letting the clients have a say on how they want to be onboarded. Some clients opt to actively participate in the implementation to learn on the job; others ask us to do the build and then hand over items for testing and feedback. Whichever approach we take, we have regular status updates, and our aim is to get the first process live within 2-3 months. Why? Because you can’t measure success by just talking about what you’re going to do. You need to show results. You need to be able to measure the success.

Once users start submitting forms, they’ll see how easy and efficient it is to work with online processes. They’ll understand the value of the product, as a leave request becomes more than a signature. It’s a means of keeping track of days spent, days requested, and so on.

It’s speed. It’s efficiency. It’s knowledge.

In the FlowForma world, onboarding isn’t just about implementation days. The process starts the moment the client first encounters FlowForma. A trial of our software, for instance, isn’t just a 30-day count-down. It’s guided tours, action-based communication, links to how-to guides, etc.

This means that by the time the client signs on the dotted line, he already knows the basics of how our software works, and we can start defining the processes and get them live.



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