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How to Create Better Digital Process Automation Services

By Conor McGrath Posted on: February 22, 2024

Gary Mellows, Head of Delivery & Customer Success at FlowForma, the industry-leading process..

How Workflow Automation Delivers Business Transformation

By Olivia Bushe, CEO Posted on: January 18, 2024

Organizations know that business process automation and digitalization will reduce manual work and..

Key Digitalization Trends in the Energy Sector

By Alannah Kennedy Posted on: December 19, 2023

By embracing digital transformation and updating their existing technologies, Energy companies can..

Why You Need Business Process Automation Tools - The A-Z Guide

By Conor McGrath Posted on: December 18, 2023

Digitalization, transformation, and business process automation are all buzzwords which we have..

The Transformative Power of Accurate Data in Process Automation Analytics

By Shay O'Connor Posted on: December 13, 2023

In the digital age, data is not just valuable, it is indispensable. Accurate data fuels the engine..

The Power of Process Automation and Digitalization in the Automotive Industry

By Dermot Sweeney Posted on: December 7, 2023

In an industry known for its traditional practices, the automotive sector is increasingly..

AI-Powered Processes: FlowForma’s AI Workflow Automation Transforms Industries

By Mirza Mehdi Posted on: November 7, 2023

In this blog post, we are about to embark on a journey through the cutting-edge realm of FlowForma..

The Cost of Not Digitalizing Your Business Processes

By Shay O'Connor Posted on: October 20, 2023

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the importance of digitalization cannot be..

Digital Process Automation Technology – Fast Facts You Need To Know

By Niamh Lordan Posted on: October 5, 2023

With process automation becoming a strategic priority for organizations across the globe, I wanted..

5 Key Trends For Digitalization In The Construction Industry

By Paul Stone Posted on: October 2, 2023

There is a race to digitalize in construction. The industry is embracing new technologies at speed,..

Deploying A Digital Process Automation Strategy: The C-Suite Trump Card in The Digital Age

By Olivia Bushe, CEO Posted on: September 21, 2023

As I have participated in multiple online panel discussions, attended industry events across the..

Building Safety Act 2022: Demystifying Facts & Deploying A 6-Week Digitalisation Roadmap For Compliance

By Patrick Naughton Posted on: August 29, 2023

This blog quickly demystifies what you need to know about the Building Safety Act (2022),..

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