FlowForma's Golden Nugget!

Its probably an overused phrase the 'end user experience' - but there are a lot of compelling statements on how this is becoming an increasingly relevant discussion in the world of user experience.

Steve Lucas, CEO, Marketorecently highlighted that end users log into and interact with over 20 applications on a daily basis (best of luck on managing the SSO ID with that volume of applications!).


I recently sat in on a training course with two new customers, who are using FlowForma® BPM as a platform to manage every day processes. These range from transactional back office processes to regulatory processes.

What struck me during conversations with one of our customers, was what I perceived to be a simple procurement process. The end user had to step out of the process three times to approve a purchase order and use a digital signature from a 3rd party solution provider.

Both the customers and myself concluded that FlowForma BPM as a digital business platform has three core elements of functionality:

  • Developing new processes with no coding
  • Document generation
  • Workflow approval


To our surprise, FlowForma BPM also has the ability to allow a process owner use a digital signature when approving a step in an internal process e.g. raising a PO, approving a new hire etc.

Within minutes of viewing the digital e-signature capability within FlowForma BPM, one customer had their mind made up. During the training session they made the decision to have a "mutual parting of the ways" with a well known Global Digital E-Signature provider which they were using previously. They instead intend to use FlowForma BPM to manage the process from end to end and ultimately provide a more seamless end user experience.

I hope as I become more and more familiar with Flowforma BPM as a digital business process management platform, to also hopefully identify some new golden nuggets of information to improve the overall everyday experience of the business application user.

Looking to find out more about our e-signatures feature? Or take a free 14 day trial of our FlowForma BPM tool, or why not book a demo and see our product in motion!

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