Global State Of Process Excellence

Navigating Business Change and Nurturing Cultural Transformation
by PEX Network's Ian Hawkins



The PEX Report 2020: Global State Of Process Excellence

Businesses are facing transformation as a necessity. What they cannot do is stay as they are, because that is a sure strategy for failure.

This report from the PEX Network is your guide to shaping the culture of your organization in the year ahead, so that transformation will not be just a matter of survival; it will be a platform for continued growth, innovation and excellence.

Download this report to learn real world examples of how organizations across all industries are digitally transforming, to drive a culture of continuous improvement.

Read the exclusive interview with FlowForma's Solutions Architect, Paul Stone on page 39 of the report, as he gives his thoughts on what makes digitization projects succeed.

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Key Takeaways from this Report:

  • Top line growth is increasingly a measure of success for OPEX projects

  • OPEX is seen as mission-critical, particularly with regards to its role in attracting and retaining customers

  • Linking process improvement with top-level business strategy’ remains the top challenge

  • There has been uncertainty around budgets, despite the expectation that the number of people within OPEX will grow

  • Transformation is a product of culture
Global State Of Process Excellence




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