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Webinar Recording: OPEX Live 2018
Costain, Skanska and Balfour Beatty Joint Venture
April 11, 2018



Webinar Recording: 'Fast Lane to Process Improvement' with the A14 Integrated Delivery Team 

Please note this webinar took place on April 11, 2018, as part of OPEX Live 2018. 

We were delighted to have our very own customer James Morgan from the A14 Integrated Delivery Team (Costain, Skanska and Balfour Beatty Joint Venture) speak at the OPEX Live event in April 2018. 

James discussed how FlowForma BPM helped The A14 Integrated Delivery Team save days in time by automating processes and cutting down on paperwork with a super-efficient no code Digital Process Automation tool. 

Our product expert, Paul Stone, also demonstrated the no-code FlowForma BPM tool in action. 


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How Did FlowForma BPM Benefit the A14 Integrated Delivery Team?

  • End-to-end visibility over processes

  • No reliance on internet connectivity, with mobile application offline capability

  • 'One source of truth' - consistent, reliable and immediately available data

  • No coding - do things quicker and without constrains of IT 


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