Series of Process Automation Lunch & Learn Events Across US

Source: FlowForma

FlowForma®, the leading provider of process automation tools for Microsoft Office 365®, today announced the launch of a series of lunch and learn events across North America, hosted in association with AIIM.

The series will focus on how process automation is a catalyst for digital transformation. Attendees will hear the latest digital transformation and business process research from AIIM, presented by Peggy Winton, President at AIIM. The audience will benefit from demonstrations of real world use cases, illustrating how FlowForma customers have automated processes, resulting in dramatic operational efficiency improvements, as well as enriched customer experiences and accelerated innovation.

“We’re delighted to join forces with AIIM to invite business managers and digital transformation enthusiasts to a series of lunch and learn events across North America. Committed to educating our community on how no code process automation can accelerate digital transformation journeys, attendees will get to hear the latest research and tips from process experts, while networking with peers over lunch,” said Olivia Bushe, Chief Marketing Officer, FlowForma.

This exciting series will kick off in Manhattan on Tuesday, December 4th 2018 and will be closely followed in the New Year, with events in different cities.

“In today’s world of digital transformation, the key focus of companies has shifted from cost saving initiatives as a primary driver, to enabling their people to do more by adopting digital technologies. Modern process automation tools have emerged that work to build and adapt processes quickly to eliminate paper-bound inefficiencies. Register for this series to hear AIIM’s advice on where you should focus,” said Peggy Winton, President, AIIM.

This series is most beneficial to business managers, IT professionals and digital transformation leaders in organizations using Microsoft Office 365. 

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