Customers Illuminate The Benefits & Challenges Of Low-Code Development Platforms

Use Customers’ Insights To Move Up The Low-Code Learning Curve
by John R. Rymer, Forrester - Jan 2018



Forrester Report: Customers Illuminate the Benefits and Challenges of Low-Code Development Platforms  

More and more enterprises are adopting low-code development platforms to speed software delivery. Beyond the need for speed, the deeper benefits and challenges of low-code platforms are also coming into view. It's with this in mind, that Forrester surveyed low-code development platform users, to establish what has worked well and what hasn't.

Download this report to discover Forrester's findings like how:

  • low-code platforms are proven fast and flexible
  • more than half of respondents realized cost savings, improved customer satisfaction and security 
  • process automation is a crucial use case for low-code
  • most low-code applications are used enterprisewide
  • nearly all users indicated that low-code address their top application delivery challenges 

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