Accelerate Your Culture Practices For Digital Transformation

How Digital Business Leaders Can Accelerate Their Organization's Culture To Drive Transformation
by Forrester's Michelle Beeson, Jacob Morgan and Alyson Clarke



Forrester Report: Accelerate Your Culture Practices For Digital Transformation

A significant barrier to a successful transformation project is the culture of your organization. Research shows that a strong digital culture across an organization, underpins a successful digital transformation project.

Once the foundations are in place, digital leaders must then accelerate change and entrench digital skills, processes, and technology across the organization. Enterprisewide collaboration and a strong focus on customer outcomes are also keys for continuing your organization’s digital transformation journey.

Download this report by Forrester to learn how digital business leaders can accelerate their organization's culture to drive transformation.

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Key Takeaways from this Report:

  • Embed Clear Vision And Values Across The Organization:
    Digital leaders must ensure that every individual employee understands their role in — and contribution to — the digital business vision. C-level executives must actively promote, not just verbally support, cultural change.

  • Actively Reward Behaviors To Support Culture Change Like Collaboration:
    Cultural change requires a shift in working styles as well as communication within an organization. Digital leaders must work to align goals across teams to promote and reward collaborative working practices.

  • Innovation Becomes A Tool For Continuous Improvement:
    Innovation must evolve from a tool to spark change to one that supports continuous improvement. Digital leaders must embrace failure as part of development and open up the organization to external partnership opportunities.
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