Capitalizing on Change and Innovation in an Altered Business Environment

Annual Pex Report 2021
by PEX Network's Alice Clochet



The PEX Report 2021: Capitalizing on Change and Innovation in an Altered Business Environment

Now more than ever, digitization is a necessity - and avoiding this will be detrimental.

This report from the PEX Network is your guide to planning and managing the crisis caused by the COVID 19 pandemic in the year ahead, so that transformation will not be just a matter of survival; it will be a platform for operational excellence and success.

Download this report to learn real world examples of how organizations are digitally transforming with process automation to drive continuous improvement, better customer experiences and increased worker productivity.

Read the exclusive interview with FlowForma's CEO, Olivia Bushe, on page 40 of the report, as she gives her thoughts on how to digitize processes in order to succeed in a pandemic world. 

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This Report Features:

  • Digitizing processes to succeed in the pandemic: interview with Olivia Bushe, CEO at Flowforma, the leading provider of enterprise class, no code process automation tools that empower businesspeople to rapidly digitize a wide range of processes. 

  • Deploying OPEX and business transformation to improve efficiency.     
  • Results from a recent survey carried out by PEX Network to understand the impact of Covid 19 on process excellence professionals.

  • Tips on how organizations are prioritizing processes and the challenges they expect to face in 2021.

  • The importance of organizational agility and what it takes to get there.
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